Thursday, August 4, 2011

What the World Needs Now......

Check this kid out:

Other than the simple fact that she is probably on a major Stampede Sugar High... and the obviously sweet moves she's got... this kid has SOOOO much CONFIDENCE.

I think that the world needs more kids like this.  I'm sure we all want our kids to be confident and comfortable in their own skin.  But the question remains... how do we download that confidence into our kids' DNA?  Do we have to model confidence?  Do they need to see us dancing like no one is watching?  Do they need the Miley Cyrus Video Box Set (not sure that even exists)?

Here is another confident kid.... or he's oblivious... or maybe his parents are.  Either way a proud Canadian and Eskimos fan would NEVER go anywhere in this outfit... but this young man if rockin' the wardrobe.  Maybe it's a good thing he's cute.  I'm just surprised that nobody called Social Services about the child abuse that is going on in this picture:

Maybe if more kids had parents like this one:   
She's not worried about looking like a fool at the family BBQ.  The rest of the parents are parked on lawn chairs with Margaritas in hand... but not Jenny.  She's RIGHT IN THERE with the lil ones.  AWESOME.  Kids are always watching.

Some are watching their weight:

Seriously though... lets get out there and grow some confident kids.  


Love Team J

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