Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Decade....

A Decade...

It sounds so long ago... but sure doesn't feel like it.

EXACTLY 10 years ago was the first time that Chris and I met.  I remember that day (and the days following) like it was yesterday.

The TEAM CANADA passion was alive and well during the 2002 Winter Olympics.  2 days earlier, the Women's Hockey team won a gold medal.  Yahooooo!  The next day the Men's team would go on to play in the gold medal game.

Let's be serious... I didn't really care about hockey.  But Chris REEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYY did (does).

We were out at a classy local establishment.  It shall remain nameless... but I'll tell you it rhymes with Fezzies.  ;)  The crowd was chanting, "Go Canada, GO!!" and many high fives were being exchanged.  The olympic fever was spreading.

Chris and his cousin Cam were out... sporting their Team Canada Shirts.  They looked EXACTLY like this (except it was grey... like you even care about that though):

I am the queen of High Fives!  Chris thought that meant, "I like you, wanna dance?"  But really it just meant, "I'm in the same square foot as you."  But after a couple of laps around "Fezzies" these random high fives became very intentional.

The night carried on.  The high fives kept coming.  The fun didn't stop.  The very next day, the Men's Hockey team went on to whoop team USA in the gold medal game.  WHAAAAMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!  We've kind of been olympic junkies ever since.... well, maybe TEAM CANADA junkies.  3 years after we met, we got engaged.  6 months after that we sealed our vows with a kiss and a HIGH FIVE (and some signatures too.... gotta keep it legal).  

10 years later (today), I met Cassie Campbell, the captain of the women's team ('02 and '06).  I told her our story and she was very touched by it.  She agreed that it doesn't seem like 10 years have gone by since that time.  Cassie was a keynote speaker at the Teacher's Convention... and her story about overcoming in the tough times and learning from challenges was moving and powerful.  She spoke about being a team no matter what... and making sure that there was one person in the world that would still love you even if you went on national TV and made a fool of yourself... and realizing that although you don't always get the glamourous jobs that get the recognition they deserve (hello??  parenting??), that you are contributing to the team.  She spoke of not letting fear or insecurity get in the way of great opportunities... kind of like the time that we took a leap of faith and travelled to the 2010 Olympics (although I was 35 weeks pregnant and not in the best condition to travel... or walk 56,000 km per day... uphill both ways).   

Cassie's entire keynote address was a great analogy for our marriage.  We really are a team.... not team Canada... but "Team Johnston."  Clearly, I'm the captain... but someone's gotta make the assists.  ;) 

For Chris

Cassie and I. February 23, 2012


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Training Wheels

This morning I was moved.... not literally.... but something that someone said really made an impact on me. 

The gifted and talented Luke Day was speaking about giving.  And he was able to throw in a training wheels analogy.. and I kind of have a thing for analogies.  :)  

He said that he was watching his son ride his bike with training wheels.  And savouring the moment of sheer excitement.  "HEY DAD, LOOK, I'M REALLY DOING IT!!"  That 4 year-old is on top of the world.  He thinks that it can't possibly get any better than this.  But his dad knows better.  His dad knows that one day he'll ditch those training wheels and really ride.  He'll be able to go up hills, around corners and up and down curbs with speed and agility.  He knows that there is more to riding a bike than his young son has the ability to comprehend. 

That simple analogy got the wheels in my head turning at a rapid rate.  It relates to all aspects of life.  Faith, finances, teaching, parenting, marriage... and the list goes on and on.  

As a teacher, I need to celebrate the small successes.  When a child spells "bic" (bike) I need to jump up and down and make them feel like a champion.  I know that there is more to spelling than the invented kind... but they don't.  So we'll celebrate that step (and each subsequent step). 

As a Christian, I know that I really need those training wheels.  There are so many areas of life that I struggle with.  But I'm thankful to have that security net there when I wobble.   I want to do more, give more, be silent more and reach out to others more.  But more isn't now.. more is coming... and I need to celebrate NOW.

As a mom, I'm thankful for diapers, soothers and blankies... they are the training wheels that pull us through the day.  Oh, and cheese strings, don't forget cheese strings.  And Caillou. 

As a wife, I'm thankful that my hubby is there to hold me up.  I need him.  He cooks.  He cleans.  He deals with the kids when I'm at the end of my rope.  He's not much for bath time... but that's a minor detail.  Marriage isn't easy but I know that we're growing and getting stronger all the time.  What will life look like when the kids are bigger and we're not run ragged all the time? Maybe the training wheels can come off then.  Maybe.   

I recognize that I'm driving through life with training wheels.  It's not perfect.. and I wobble... but I know that with every wobble comes growth and strength.. and confidence to do more.  

What are your training wheels?  And what will you be able to experience when you finally get those things off?