Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

The sky on Father's Day 2012... spooky!

In a few short days there are some BIG changes coming our way.  Judging by our lack of "get crack-a-lackin'," I'd say we're either in denial or major procrastinators..... or maybe we're just suckers for punishment.  Perhaps slow learners.  :)

June is a natural time of transition and major "business."  Sometimes we like to take a busy time and see if we can add a little extra to it.

Last night was Kindergarten Graduation.  It was adorable.  I'd share pictures, but privacy laws prevent me from doing so.  :(  I'm going to miss those little stinkers.

Tonight was Jake's soccer wind-up.  We officially survived 2 soccer seasons.  Here's a pic of Jake with "Coach Jason."  He loves that guy.  He also loves posing for pictures.  :) What a guy!

This is what he did after soccer.  That boy is always looking for an adventure.

Tomorrow is J's preschool year end party.  I can't believe that Kindergarten is just around the corner for him.  Where did my little preemie go?  I want to pause life... ok, let's be honest..... I want to pause PARTS of life.  Others, well, I'd sure like a fast-forward button.  :)  I'm really glad that he'll be at the same school next year.  Not only is it a great place for him, but it's one less thing to panic about.

Preschool Graduation... adorable.

Next week is going to be even more nuts... if that's even possible.

We're MOVING.... TWICE!!! Oh joy!

On Wednesday I move out of my classroom.  On Thursday I move out of my house.  On Friday I probably won't move a muscle (except for my margarita drinking muscles).

So, about moving out of my classroom.... I GOT A NEW JOB!  I'll be joining the Preschool Team at Ross Glen School.  I'm so sad to be leaving Mother Teresa School and the catholic  school district... but I'm excited for the opportunities that are ahead.  It was too good to pass up.. so I didn't.

Annnndddddd... we're moving to a new house.  That's right, on the last day of work I thought it would be a good time to pack up a moving truck and head to our new house.  Poor timing aside, we are SUPER pumped.  The neighbourhood is awesome. The house is great.  And we finally have a covered deck for many, many, many patio parties.  Over the years we have accumulated MANY things.  We're working hard to get rid of "Stuff" but still have a ton to move.  We have 2 more kids than we had last time we did this whole moving thing.

This house has been great for our family.  So many memories that we'll be taking with us.  Hopefully we get on this packing job... otherwise ALL we'll be taking with us will be memories.  It's days like these that I envy the homeless guys that can fit everything they own into one shopping cart.  We could learn a lot from therm.  :)

If you want our new address let me know.

If you "owe us one" in the moving department, please feel free to come to the "moving party." Hard to pass up an offer like that.  :)

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