Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tearful Goodbyes

This week we said goodbye.

A few times.

And another big one is coming tomorrow (when I see my little preschoolers off).  :'(

We said goodbye to soccer... and Coach Jason.

We wondered if soccer would ever end.  It did.  And we're crazy enough to do it again next year.  Actually, I hate to admit it.... but the people that said, "it gets better," were RIGHT.  Jake did great (after a rough start).  He really bonded with Coach Jason and now says, "I a good soccer guy mom."

We said goodbye to hair.... lots of hair.

And here is the finished product.  It's similar to having leather furniture and hardwood... the ease of wiping it off can't be beat.  Now after Luke is done eating we just take a face cloth to his head.. so convenient... lol.

We said goodbye to KidsPlay Preschool... the happiest place on earth.  :'(  What a wonderful group of people that really "get" kids and what they need.  If you need a great preschool program check out kidsplay.

And we said goodbye to Mrs. Fox, Jake's music teacher..... and one of my favourite people.

We also said goodbye to "Julian" (Gillian). She has been doing home visits through the school board.  What a great lady.

We also said goodbye to some other stuff...... but I won't get into that.  YUCK!

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  1. What a great blog, Melanie. It is sad to see how they grow up sooo quickly and realize that other people besides Mom & Dad know "stuff". Also the buzz cuts are so cute......your boys are amazing and I enjoy reading about your family adventures.
    From Katie's Nana