Thursday, June 9, 2011

Growing Up.

It always sounds CHEEZY-O-LA when people say, "Oh my, they just grow too fast."  But, seriously, it's TRUE!!  Eli will start HIGH SCHOOL in September... huh?  High School?  Noah will turn 13 this summer.... huh?  13?  Jake is almost done his first year of preschool.  And Luke is talking, walking, running and getting quite the sense of humor. 

Here are 2 short videos of Pookie's new skills:  

About 68 bajillion times per day I find myself thinking.... "will the whining ever end?" "will he ever wipe his own butt?" "why can't they just eat what I make... and NOT throw it on the floor?" "what is so hard about ......?"  But, then.... late at night.... when they are all asleep (and I SHOULD be)..... I find myself wanting a pause button.  Yet, for a huge part of the day, I have been wanting a "fast forward to bed time" button.

Do you ever stop to think about where you are in life... and how you perceive the challenges and battles of each day and almost "wish them away"?  I'm convinced that one day we will look back and realize that THESE days (when the kids are little... and the days are one battle after another) are the BEST days of our lives.

So right now, I'm going to PAUSE... and ENJOY the moments of today... for I know that once these days are behind me... that I will begging to have them back.

Will I ever miss THIS:  I somehow doubt it.  ;)

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