Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

Over the weekend I was home alone with the little boys while Chris was in Calgary with the big boys.  Just before 5 pm someone started banging the snot out of my front door (it might have snot on it... who really knows) and ringing my doorbell.  I was a bit freaked out and planned to NOT answer the door.

But the person on the other side of the door just flung it open and started yelling, "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, GET YOUR KIDS... THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR IS ON FIRE!!!!"  I could immediately smell the smoke and started rushing.  Living in a duplex (which I have started to feel uneasy about), I wasn't sure if it was the adjoining unit or the duplex next door... I didn't care, I just ran for it (but made sure to grab the camera... obviously).

We raced across the street to the park.... and THIS is what we saw:

It seemed to take FOREVER for the firetrucks to get there.... and it was insane to watch just how quickly the fire spread.  Here are a few more pictures.... YIKES!

I felt so terrible for this girl, standing in tears as she watched her house burn down.  She lives in the unit on the right... the fire started on the other side, but quickly spread and destroyed her house.

My TOTALLY relaxed little dude... was so patient through the whole process.

And my little Platoon Chief :) Obsessed with firetrucks since the event.  Seconds after returning to the house he was rounding up his fire toys and driving them around saying, "weeee ooooo, weee oooo."  And the next day he said, "Mommy, I DO love dose fire mans.  Dey helping dat broken house.  Ya, mommy, dat house was having a hard time yeshterday."  So sweet.

And this is what is left:

The day after this fire, I learned of the wild fires in Slave Lake.  Watching the images online is just hearbreaking.  Just thinking about how devastating a fire on the front of one single house can be... and then trying to imagine what it would be like for a fire to take most of an entire town.  If you are in a position to help, please do.  If not, send a prayer... it's the least you can do.

There are some very moving images on this video... have a look:


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