Thursday, August 29, 2013


Last weekend I was at a beautiful wedding. Everything about it was gorgeous.  But the words that the minister spoke during the ceremony really hit home for me.

She was talking about the wedding rings and their significance.  Speaking about the precious gold and platinum that are mixed with less desirable materials to give them their strength.  And her point was that as people we are precious and awesome... with some undesirable things mixed in.... and that those things actually give us strength.  She went on to talk about wearing the rings and being constantly reminded of those things that make your marriage precious (and vulnerable) and also of the things that give it strength... the struggles.

Interesting perspective.

The words she spoke hit especially close to my heart because I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings for almost 2 years.  I had a fill in band for a while... and lost that while we were on holidays this summer.

If you've known me for any amount of time you'll know that a lot has changed over the years.  My size being one of those things.  Sadly, my rings didn't fit anymore... and I decided that I wasn't going to get them sized... rather that I would "get myself sized."  My hubby wasn't a fan of getting them sized either.  He doesn't understand my struggle and sees it as an easy thing.  The truth is, unless the struggle is your own you can never understand it.  And the things that hold us back from being our best are often downright debilitating.

I actually had myself convinced that I wasn't worthy of wearing my ring until I could get it on my finger comfortably.

That's ridiculous!!

And thankfully I became aware of that while listening to the minister speak.  I left there and decided that it didn't matter if I needed to size them 6074 times, that I would do that because my worth won't be determined by my size.  I stood before my friends and family and, most importantly, my husband, on August 12, 2005 and said, "Through thick and thin."  And I wasn't talking about waistlines or finger sizes... but it's relevant nonetheless.

So today I went to the jewellery store and picked up my rings... shiny and glistening like a new penny.  I put them on and vowed that I would always make sure they fit.  And instead of telling myself I would deserve it when I lost weight, I'm telling myself that it'll be fun to go in and get them resized smaller someday.  Maybe this seems insignificant to you.  To me, it's incredibly significant and coming to this realization is kind of a big deal.  It's a sign of unconditional worth and love even through hardships... and isn't that what we all signed up for?

What do you allow to determine your worth?  What are you telling yourself you don't deserve until you meet a certain criteria?  STOP IT!  Live your life and try to be a bit better today than you were yesterday.


Check out that shiny bling... I just love it. :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Everything is Difficult and Awesome

A simple statement.

A profound new perspective.

Maybe things are easy for you. Lucky. But for me... For us.... That's just not the way it is. Ever.

I often feel like life is one big uphill battle after another.

Parenting is difficult. Marriage is difficult. Blended families are difficult. Weight loss, self-esteem and living healthy are all difficult. Faith is difficult. Some days even work is difficult. Honestly, sanity can be difficult too. Did I mention that parenting is difficult?

Sometimes it's hard to see the "awesome." Sometimes it just feels like plain old DIFFICULT. All of the things that I listed above in the difficult category are also so so so so so very awesome. I'm going to challenge myself to look for the AWESOME in my challenges.

Wish me luck.

Note: the quote and photo are from Jason Good's website... I don't own the photo. In case any copyright police are wondering."