Friday, April 12, 2013

Everything is Difficult and Awesome

A simple statement.

A profound new perspective.

Maybe things are easy for you. Lucky. But for me... For us.... That's just not the way it is. Ever.

I often feel like life is one big uphill battle after another.

Parenting is difficult. Marriage is difficult. Blended families are difficult. Weight loss, self-esteem and living healthy are all difficult. Faith is difficult. Some days even work is difficult. Honestly, sanity can be difficult too. Did I mention that parenting is difficult?

Sometimes it's hard to see the "awesome." Sometimes it just feels like plain old DIFFICULT. All of the things that I listed above in the difficult category are also so so so so so very awesome. I'm going to challenge myself to look for the AWESOME in my challenges.

Wish me luck.

Note: the quote and photo are from Jason Good's website... I don't own the photo. In case any copyright police are wondering."

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  1. Great lease on life. Glass is half full, not half empty. thanks for sharing.