Wednesday, July 27, 2011

White Trash Summer

* Please note: The term "white trash" isn't meant to offend anyone... but rather to describe a way of life that is common in  Alberta... and MANY other places.

Picture this.......

J is wearing inside-out batman gonchies and red crocks.  L is topless.  Wearing a diaper that is FULL of sprinkler water.  There are wagons, water guns, Tonka trucks, dandelions and sidewalk chalk sprinkled all over the lawn.  The boys are fighting over the hose... and the trucks... and the wagons.  Why can't they fight over who gets to pick the dandelions.

I am sitting at a picnic table that is in desperate need of a sanding and a paint job (any takers).... next to a patio table that no longer has chairs... but the table sits there as if it's waiting for patrons.

Now Luke is crying because he needs a nap (he didn't agree with me when I suggested it earlier).  He might be upset about his diaper situation too.

I periodically yell over to J "STOP THAT," "Don't spray me," "get your gonchies back on," "get off the grass seed," "IT'S NOT YOUR TURN!!!!!!"  Then I see L coming out of the garage with a bottle of spray and wash that he collected from the recycle bins... nice.... "NOOOOOOOO, YUCKY... PUT THAT BAAAAAACCCCCKKKK."  It's empty... but still.  Is there anything that little boys WON'T get into???

I brought the laundry outside to fold it... otherwise it won't get done.

My view is not that great.  A few houses... most with treed backyards.... cool.  But this one house has the original shingles (probably from 1984) that have been through 56 hail storms and a close call with a funnel cloud.  lol.  The fence hasn't been painted since 1984 either.  They use their deck as a storage container.  The tent that is set up in the backyard has been there since June.... I think it might be a storage container too.  They periodically park in the back alley (NOT in a parking spot... just amongst the weeds and old mattresses that they have).

The only thing that could make this a more trashy scene would be if I were barefoot, pregnant (I'M NOT by the way), smoking a ciggy and drinking an Old Milwaukee Beer.  Oh, and maybe if I gave the boys some Red Bull to sip on.

But... we're happy... and we're not worried about being Trashy.  The kids are having a blast.  Little Lukey is learning about sprinklers, taking turns, how dirt tastes and how it feels when you ignore nap time.  Jake is just LOVING being outside... where you can use your outside voice and run and run and run and roll around in the grass and nobody cares.  He's "cleaning" the house and the shed and the fence and the neighbours windows (I'm sure they'll appreciate that) with the sprinkler.  "Mommy, I washing John's house because it's so dirty of bugs."  They are enjoying life... they are learning a lot... and they are just being little boys.  It's awesome.

I could tell you about the inside of the house... but that's a whole other blogpost.

Enjoy your trashy summer.  :)

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