Tuesday, April 19, 2011


"They" say that you learn something new everyday.... who ever "they" are.  But today I think I learned more than one new thing.

How about a recap:

  1. The "Easter Story" is just too deep for preschoolers.  I don't care how much you water it down, they just can't understand.  Heck, it's hard for most adults to fathom.
  2. Cooking just really isn't my thing... reason # 72394827 that I need Chris.  I got creative at dinner time.... and, well, it failed.  Who wouldn't want chicken breasts drizzled with maple syrup and crushed pecans?  Sounds GREAT, right?  Jacob kept saying, "Mommy, why you making waffles?"  So I told him it was "waffle chicken."  He hated it.  I hated it.  Luke threw it on the floor.  The syrup bubbled and burnt in the first 7 minutes in the oven.  YUCK!! After supper Jake said, "daddy is a really good cooker, isn't he mom?"  The boy is one smart cookie.
  3. Easter basket grass and 3-year-olds just aren't compatible... duh?!  I should have known this.  Instead, I learned the lesson the hard way and now have little pieces of blue plastic all over my house.  Great!
  4. I'm gonna lose our hockey pool.  :(            Chris... check out the picture below.
  5. Sometimes all it takes to make someone's day is $4.00.  Let me explain...... I was at Wal-Mart... in the longest checkout line ever.  The cashier was mumbling under her breath, "I know I should have grabbed some water... I'm parched... gonna be one of 'those' days."  So I went to McDonald's and got her a bottle of water and an iced coffee and took it back to checkout #18.  You should have seen that lady smile.  She jumped out and gave me a huge hug and got a little teary.  She said, "That's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me" (which I don't believe).  She marched me over to the manager's desk to tell them how I had saved her shift.  Really, it took nothing... but felt so good to bless a stranger in such a simple way.  
  6. Speaking of blessing strangers... have you met my husband?  He's amazing.  Read about his current adventure at www.linkhaititrip.blogspot.com.  Today he was sending me texts telling me how hot it is and how hard they were working.  He said, "wow, manual labour is hard work."  I started thinking about the team in Haiti.... and all that they are experiencing.  And I was really struck by the thought that these are a group of educated, skilled, smart people and they are out in the humid heat carrying bricks one by one and making cinder blocks by hand.  There are nurses, X-Ray techs, Unit clerks, teachers, etc on the team.  But they are not helping in a medical centre or in a school... they are BUILDING these places.  It made me realize that when the call for help is there, we need to respond... and not take the time to decide where our "skills" could be best utilized.  
Well, the rambling is complete.  Good night moon.  This 4 second video clip will show you Jake's new trick.  


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