Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter Friends and Family (and if there happens to be a random reader or two out there... you'll fall into the "friends" category).

E is for EGGS:  Turns out Jake and Luke both prefer the "mini eggs" (the chocolate ones) over the REAL DEAL hard boiled and decorated eggs.  Imagine that. If you have never swept egg yolk off of the floor you should try it.... good times.

A is for ANTICIPATION:  After all of the waiting and talking about the possibility of the Easter Bunny coming to our house, Jake woke up very confused.  He thought that the toys were from mommy's school and that the Easter Bunny was outside.  Jake spent a bit of time in front of the window yelling at the Easter Bunny.  "Hi Big Daddy Easter Bunny, I can't see you.... I'm right here... see my new haircut?"  He then told me that we needed to go in the van so that we could drive to Daddy Easter Bunny's house. Later in the day he asked if the Easter Bunny would be coming soon.  Too cute.  

S is for SWEEPING:  Chris must do A LOT of sweeping.... because seriously, I have not cleaned up after the kids this much in my life.  My little sweeping fairy must do that job a lot more than I realized.  I fill a dust pan after each meal.. which leaves me wondering how these kids continue to grow.  Must be a miracle. 

T is for THANKFUL:  There are obvious things to be thankful for... and I (almost) always am... but I'm talking about the extras.  Maybe you called to check up on us while Chris is away.... maybe you came by with Sushi.... maybe you spoiled our kids rotten this Easter.... maybe you're just awesome in general. Either way... I'm THANKFUL.

E is for EXCITED:  I'm excited to see Chris.... 3 more sleeps.  Missing him a lot (and NOT just because he sweeps and cooks).

R is for REFLECTION:  Take a moment to reflect on the TRUE meaning of Easter.  Take a minute to watch the following video.


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